Natural Labor

Thinking about a natural labor & delivery? As a Registered Nurse, when I told my friends and family I was going to have a natural, drug-free birth, some supported me, and some shook their head and laughed, which always followed with advice they thought I didn’t know about how risky childbirth can be. I know it all came from a wonderful place in their heart because they care about me, but I didn’t come to this decision lightly.

I am very familiar with all the things that can go wrong during any kind of medical anything, including childbirth. I also know that many complications happen due to too much and unnecessary medical intervention in the first place. Pitocin and epidurals, too much too fast can easily lead to fetal distress and emergency c-sections. I know this isn’t always the case by any means, but it does happen, and in our country, quite frequently.

It blows my mind how much we rely on medication and medical procedures and doctor’s to tell us what our body needs and feels. Let me also say that there is a time and a place where medicine, doctors, surgery, and all of that is very much needed! That being said, for a routine, low-risk pregnancy, there should be no problem with having the baby at home or at a natural birth center if that is your choice. Statistics of women who use midwives outside of the hospital are actually better than women who deliver with doctor’s inside the hospital. Too bad that news wasn’t all over the news channel’s huh?

If you have the time and would like to look into it deeper, please check out this awesome documentary called The Business of Being Born. You can also rent it on Netflix, but here is the video below:

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