Breastfeeding. Such an amazing, beautiful, incredibly, miraculous thing! In our day and age, it doesn’t happen quite as much due to life and inconveniences, but I wanted to reach out with some resources to help encourage you to at least try breastfeeding if you have a choice.

Below are some amazing resources to learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk for a growing baby. If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, please take some time to really look into the amazing service you’re doing for your baby in choosing to breastfeed.

I get it. Being a full-time wife and mom is HARD. Trying to balance life is HARD. Bringing your breast pump with you to work and trying to find a place and time to pump is HARD. You deal with breast engorgement, painful, cracking, bleeding nipples….it is no easy task by any means, but once you hit that 3-6 mark, for most moms, the experience becomes much more enjoyable and you will have a healthy plump baby full of super milk powers!

But first, for your viewing pleasure, 4 REASONS WOMEN SHOULD NEVER BREASTFEED IN PUBLIC…



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