32 Weeks- Bed Rest…Sucks.

IMG_1337Hi!! Well, my baby blogging is beginning with a diagnosis of strict bed rest. I am a doer…not a sitter, so as weird as it may sound, being forced to lay in bed and do nothing all day is a major challenge! It’s funny how when my alarm clock went off at 0400 every morning 5 days a week, I would have given anything to stay in bed and relax all day. Now that I’m being FORCED to lay in bed…all I want to do is get up and DO things! But, it’s what’s best for baby, so I’m sticking to it, and using this blog as some therapy! šŸ™‚

Not to mention, this bed rest silliness is somewhat of a shocker! We have had a very low risk pregnancy. I am a health nut and have been taking great care of myself, exercising, eating right, staying hydrated, taking my supplements, and gaining the appropriate amount of weight for mom and baby. I work(ed) full time, and loved post-work home time with my hubby. Everything was going great and I was feeling great…right up until the 3rd trimester mark. At about 28 weeks was when I started feeling the pelvic pressure, slight cramping, increased gum bleeding, constant back pain, and other things that I never experienced in the past.

My husband and I have decided to have a natural birth with our midwife at a natural birthing center near our home. So, at our check up appointment with our midwife she decided it would be a good idea to check my cervix and make sure there weren’t any cervical changes. It turns out at 30 weeks, I was already 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced. No bueno. That day I was taken off of work and put on modified bed rest.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we found ourselves in the hospital hooked up to the baby monitors. I had been feeling some cramping and that morning didn’t feel our little one moving as much, so we called our midwife, and with my previous exam and increased risk for preterm labor, she had us go in to the hospital to make sure everything was ok.

6 hours, 3 cervix checks, and 4 tests later we were able to go home, but on strict bed rest instead of modified. Thankfully there wasn’t much change in dilation or effacement, but they did pick up contractions on the monitor, contractions I didn’t feel. With my lack of enthusiasm for hospitals, I still feel like those contractions were hospital induced! Ha!

So….here I am, being good about strict bed rest so I don’t have to be on some horrible medications to stop contractions. And now I get to write all about babies, pregnancy, and my journey on my new blog!

Ready. Set. Go! Well, you can go, I’ll be here…on the couch. Haha…

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